In Conversation with Thomas Headon @ Reading Festival

Thomas Headon is the epitome of the modern musician. Having blown up mainly through TikTok and other forms of social media, Headon has used these tools to reach a wide audience and grow a large fanbase. During our interview, Headon admitted that he views his social media fans more like friends than just fans of his music. He loves that he can Tweet, ‘Good morning,’ and they’ll Tweet it back to him. This direct artist-to-fan interaction is the product of Headon’s young age. As he said himself during our interview, Headon grew up with social media, having first downloaded Instagram at eleven years old while the app was still somewhat new. Today, Headon has used this familiarity with social media and its trends to reach the early stages of stardom, which he hopes will continue and extend to an even bigger fanbase in the future. In a true popstar fashion, Headon cracked jokes throughout our interview, leaning back with his feet on the table and a beer in his hands. Since his performance at Reading Festival, which saw dedicated fans go wild for his music, Headon has been touring the UK and released the single ‘Nobody Has To Know.’ which currently has over a million plays on Spotify.

Who are your biggest musical influences, and how did you first start making music?

I grew up a lot on Coldplay and Blur, and a lot of other really British bands. I think the early music that I started making, so sort of my earlier releases didn’t really have that influence. Now that things have changed—I’ve got a band, I play guitar, I’ve just gotten better myself—I think that’s coming through in the music. I think I just started making music because I wasn’t really good at anything else. I started playing when I was like, maybe 15 or 16 and started writing songs at that time as well. The first release was September 2019, but I was just doing stuff at home on my laptop, at the time it was sort of a bedroom pop-type thing. So it’s just grown from there, really. About to release a third EP, which is gonna be fun as well.

How do you use social media to connect with your fans?

I grew up on social media. I didn’t as much as some other artists these days, but I’ve just turned 21. When I was eleven, I was on Instagram, which back in the day had a horrible, ugly interface, and was bad and crap. And I’ve kind of grown up with it in that sense. All my teenage years I’ve had social media. Not to be egotistical, but I know how to use it and I actually enjoy using it. I’ve never looked at quote-unquote fans on social media as fans like, ‘Hey guys, what’s up. I’m releasing music, yeah, look at me go.’ It’s more just, ‘Hello. I am Thomas, I’m releasing music—if you follow me, you can see that I’m releasing music.’