In Conversation with Bec Javon, Vocalist and Guitarist of IDestroy

Image credit: Black Arts PR Limited

Vocalist and guitarist Bec Jevon, along with the bassist and backing vocalist Nicola Wilton-Baker and the drummer Jenn Hills, form the all-female band IDestroy with their unique contemporary energy. The debut album ‘We Are Girls’ was released on 12th February, sharing their joy and attitude from Bristol with the world. The album features their singles ‘Petting Zoo’ and ‘We Are Girls’.

Could you tell us how the trio was formed? What brought the three of you together?

After we finished uni, I just really wanted to get back playing, ’cause we all studied music. I said, “let’s form a band”, and then Jenn said “yeah”. It just kind of happened from there really. We basically just started gigging from there on. Our main aim was to do as many shows as possible in many different places and really get out there. A couple of years ago, we needed a new bass player. Nic was recommended to me by one of our lecturers who said, “I got this great bass player”. She played a few things to start with and after that we formed the band. So yeah, that’s how it happened!

That’s really cool! You guys have a quite distinctive style of music. How would you define the genre of your music?

I would say party-punk. It’s kind of got the rawness of punk music - the energy and the anger of punk music. But at the same time, we like having a good party, we like when people sing along to our songs and just have a good time. I think party-punk sums it up quite nicely really. There are other elements in there, like general rock music. I really like pop music as well. I think that has an influence on our songs.

That leads to my next question: who are your favourite artists and which artists have inspired you the most in creating your own music?

It’s always a tricky question. I try to listen to as much music as possible. But I think in terms of when I was writing this album, say I’ve been listening to quite a lot of Sløtface - it’s a Norwegian punk band, along with Dream Wife - another really good all-girl trio. Other bands like Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - I really like them. And The Cure for me - I know we don’t sound a lot like The Cure, but in terms of the hook... I absolutely love it. So I think that probably had some sort of influence on me. Whether people can hear it or not, I don’t know [laughter].

Could you possibly expand on what kind of influence there might have been?

Yes! Say The Cure - I love listening to them. They have some of the best pop songs ever. Just the hook in songs, whether it’s the keyword hook or what. I think that really has influenced me. Basically when I write, I try to make the songs as catchy as possible. I know they are punk songs, angry songs, noisy songs, but for me, I want them to be memorable. I think The Cure is really, really good at doing that.