'BLISS: A CELEBRATION OF YOUTH IN THE CAPITAL' (2021) : a photography exhibition by Félice Knol


18.08.21 - 20.02.21

Photography exhibition by Félice Knol celebrating the rebirth of collective energy and joy among young creatives in London

‘It is an important time, a revival of collective happiness, making up for the time we have been stuck inside. Some in difficult domestic situations; it is for those who find peace in their chosen family, rather than the one into which they have been born.’

"This solo-exhibition amplifies the voices of London City’s youth, after a time of silence. It is focused on the rebirth and recurring of collective energy and joy. Musicians, actors, performers and artists are out again, ready to be seen. It is a crucial time for young people to meet like-minded spirits and to be able to express themselves freely. Ways of dressing and make-up are also means of communication, and a form of art. Big boots, big hair, big gestures: explicit and outspoken.

In her analog photography Félice Knol tries to translate this feeling: a capturing of the times in this diverse city. A capturing of beautiful, important individuals, who may have not always been heard, and seen. Youth is the future: their dreams, optimism and guts. This project is about -and for- those who have felt left out, and are ready to again show themselves to the world." *

Below is an excerpt from a conversation I had with Félice about her upcoming exhibition:

M: You have a degree in sociology, how does this project connect to that?

F: I think it's very closely connected to my sociology background because it comes from this idea of empathy through interaction and human contact. I was always looking at the interaction between art and social sciences. Although this exhibition is completely photography based, I don't see myself as just a photographer. I don't like limiting myself to one medium.

I am a social person, and what I've seen around me through lockdown, because of social media and because of the way that our political systems are arranged now, it seems as if all the divisions and gaps between people become bigger. That’s because there's no interaction. Everyone's in their own algorithm and their own group.