Garments inspired by vintage London and sportswear from recycled bottles – Katie Ann McGuigan AW20 a

On the 16th of February Katie Ann McGuigan returned to London Fashion Week with her Autumn/Winter 2020 collection at 180 The Strand – the LFW Discovery Lab. As soon as the audience entered the venue, they were exposed to the simultaneously vibrant and homely setting of this season’s presentation. Eight different models exhibited equally dynamic energy through the vivid colours and the printed patterns of the brand’s newest fashion wear.

Photos: Rory James, British Fashion Council

The AW20 collection displayed Katie Ann McGuigan’s inspiration from Tom Woods – an Irish-born photographer who records the ordinary lives of North London in the late 1970s and 1980s, with a focus on the domestic life and people’s occasional excursion around town. This inspiration was evident in both the physical setup of the presentation and the intricate design of her fashion; the use of white doors, staircase, sofas, and houseplants established a scene of a typical living room. The integration of bright colour schemes and the experimental transformation of a classic chevron print into a modernised pattern illuminated Kati Ann McGuigan’s success of integrating a series of retro-styles into contemporary composition. The brand’s way of embracing divergent geometric sequences bridged the past fashion trends with the present-day styles, with touches of modern technology apparent in the digitally printed dresses.

Photos: Getty, British Fashion Council

McGuigan’s aim for more sustainable production in fashion was visible through her incorporation of recycled yarns in her knitwear, recycled plastic bottles in puffer jackets, and locally sourced screen prints. The environmental consciousness of her design was an applaudable aspect of this season’s collection, as it displayed her alertness to the ongoing environmental troubles of the fashion industry. She aptly worked with recycled materials to create a harmonic mixture of vintage and a trendy look.

Photos: Rory James, British Fashion Council

Another notable feature of the brand’s recent collection was the multiple layers of textiles that were used to produce intricate fashion pieces. For instance, one model wore a hooded silk crepe top and a loosely hanging sleeveless knit, coupled with a pair of straight-line knit trousers and a thin layer of organza skirt. Her look was completed with an additional collar and a bow, integrating elements of casual sportswear with hints of femininity. Such a combination of diverse layers of fashion generated unique garments, which accentuated McGuigan’s typical merging of traditionally masculine sportswear with an elegant form of female fashion.

Photos: Getty, British Fashion Council

The latest AW20 presentation hosted by Katie Ann McGuigan highlighted her thrive in creating luxury sportswear that enhances grace and style of women. McGuigan’s appreciation for the ordinary, everyday aesthetics undoubtedly made this season’s collection exceptionally distinctive in style, and her next collection will be very much anticipated.

Photos: Rory James, British Fashion Council

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