Plested at Omeara - 22.10.19 (Interview & Review)

Omeara is the perfect venue for a Plested gig. With a maximum capacity of 320 people, even tonight’s sold out show felt small and intimate. The intimacy allowed for genuine conversation between songs as if Plested was part of the crowd. Throughout the show a guestbook, to write your favourite lyrics on and The Least That I Could Do CDs were handed out and made the night even more personal, as if we had discovered one of the music world’s best kept secrets.

Supporting acts Holly Humberstone and Sam Johnson provided an emotional opening to the headline act. Both Holly and Sam drew the crowd in with a selection of their haunting and often melancholic songs. Plested’s appearance on stage accompanied by a band was warmly welcomed by fans who probably needed a slightly more uplifting tune to raise their spirits.

After the third song he introduced himself and said he “didn’t realise everyone knew the words”. This statement shows just how humble Plested is. He seemed truly unaware of how much people love his music and mentioned that he was hoping no one would be there so he didn’t have to perform. Throughout the show, he gained confidence and even joked about his “rock and roll” lifestyle. He also teased the crowd with the release of his new music video for The Least That I Could Do that the crowd wouldn’t be able to see yet. Not that it mattered anyway, nothing could possibly be better than watching Plested perform live.

Plested can also be credited with writing successful songs for other artists, like ‘Touch’ by Little Mix, which he performed a stripped back version of. The song could not be further from the girl band’s choreographed energetic shows, and yet, the crowd danced along and sang their hearts out.

One of the more enchanting moments of a packed setlist was Plested’s performance of ‘Priorities’, a song that clearly meant a lot to him as he wrote it when he made the decision to launch his solo career. Similarly, his new single 'The Least That I Could Do' was inspired by his mother, who was watching him perform. He dedicated it to her whilst encouraging us to think about that one person we would do anything for.

As the show drew to an end, Plested explained that he would much rather meet his fans after the show than perform an encore so we should pretend that the penultimate song was the last one. He ended with 'Lost For Words', his way of saying thank you to the audience. When Plested came out after the show to chat with fans, it felt as if he was part of the crowd and had enjoyed the show just as much as everyone else did, if not more.

Photo credit: Chuff Media

Before the show, Strand Magazine had the chance to catch up with Plested and talk about his experience on his first headline tour.

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