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Colombian Cinema at King's College London

October 9, 2017

From 12th - 16th October 2017


Price: FREE!

King’s reaches out to various art forms around the globe on a regular basis. In this instance, there is an upcoming feature of contemporary Colombian film coordinated by King’s College London, The Colombian Embassy, El Instituto Cervantes and The Modern Language Centre.



Colombian Film is not just a growing industry, but a growing platform. Colombian cinema has experienced an unparalleled growth in Latin America since the entry into force of the so-called law of cinema’ of 2003. This new law has bolstered the funding and standardisation of local film production, producing films like El Colombian dream or Soñar no Cuesta Nada (Dreams Cost Nothing). The new Colombian cinema brings together a number of filmmakers determined to tell stories about their country, but with a spirit of being global stories that speak to the public beyond their borders.


To exhibit the success and growth of the industry, three films are being screened at King’s for free for the public: Embrace of the Serpent (2015, oscar-nominated), and Land and Shade (2015) allude to a postcolonial confrontation, which cannot avoid questions about a certain Western identity, but also about the human condition; Decent People (2014) explores social segregation in Colombia with elegance, insight and without turning to stereotypes.


These films are not just about the country themselves, but as is typical with film, seek to reflect upon our own human and cultural conditions. This is also, naturally, a great introduction to Colombian, Latino and Spanish language film, so do go along!


The screenings will be held in the Lucas Lecture Theatre (S-2.18). Free tickets on Eventbrite are available below:

Embrace of the Serpent : 12th October - Tickets HERE


Land and Shade : 19th October - Tickets HERE


Decent People : 26th October - Tickets HERE





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