March 1, 2020

With the highly anticipated release of the second series in January, ‘Sex Education’ has remained in the UK Top 10 on Netflix, with ratings soaring past series one. Ben Taylor, executive producer and director, has worked on the show from the earliest stages of piloting...

February 18, 2020

As someone who’s had to let go of a lingering obsession for their sanity’s sake, I was a bit afraid of starting ‘Spinning Out’. After watching the trailer I imagined a ‘Black Swan’  spin-off with an ‘I, Tonya’ setting, and an uncomfortable depiction of an obsessive men...

February 25, 2019

Spoiler alert! If you have not watched Netflix’s film Velvet Buzzsaw, then this might give away a good chunk of the plot. Nevertheless, this satirical thriller set within the Los Angeles art scene is worth a watch – even if it is just to play the game of who is going t...

February 19, 2019

True crime has left the jurisdiction of the courtroom and moved on to our TV screens. A surge of "adapted from true events" films about serial killers has brought to question whether cinema immortalises their heinous acts, or only does justice in depicting their fowl c...

February 6, 2019

“How did you go bankrupt?”

“Two ways. Gradually and then suddenly.”

- Ernest Hemingway.

FYRE, the bizarre story of an exclusive music festival that imploded on the public stage, makes for so much more than morbid fascination. Chris Smith’s latest documentary is a tale of...

January 24, 2019

Rare is the opportunity to talk to someone we look up to professionally, and it is even rarer for the interaction to live up to what we hope it to be. Meeting for coffee in Holborn, London, my hour with Peter Bradshaw was a genuinely delightful one. Drawing on his expe...

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