August 6, 2020

Yesterday, my sister sends me a selfie.

It’s less filters, more medical gear: masks, masks, masks, and a big face shield that makes her look like she should be carrying a jackhammer to complete the picture. The shield is all fogged up so I can barely see her face.

What I...

July 4, 2020

XU ZHI revealed its latest Autumn/Winter 2020 collection called ‘Prelude’ in a video presentation that captured a series of modern and glamorous looks.

The pandemic’s disruption of our daily lives can leave a certain deficit in inspiration and motivation to ‘keep creative’. As per modern myth, creatives can ‘lose’ their creative flair in extended periods of inactivity or develop a creative block. By effect, Quarantine...

May 17, 2020

As COVID-19 continues its hold on the population across the world, I wanted to write about the struggle in coping with pre-existing psychological illnesses amidst a pandemic—a pandemic in which uncertainty, isolation, and an obsession with hygiene all play a role. For...

May 13, 2020

Like many UK residents, Korean fashion designer Jackie JS Lee watched in horror as COVID19 swept through China, South Korea and Italy in early February. With the pandemic worsening as time passed, Jackie turned to masks to protect herself and others from exposure to th...

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