July 30, 2020

This piece originally appeared in the Strand Magazine's Summer 2020 Issue

Replikka 3A3 by Handi Kim

Graphic Designer Handi Kim is a ‘loud’ artist. She makes sure to share a part of herself in her colourful, vibrant artwork in order to ensure it reaches the hearts of her...

July 13, 2020

The Marian Goodman gallery feels clean. The space is open and the light is bright. It matches Dijkstra’s work well, and feels startlingly different than it did for the Nan Goldin show that was up before quarantine, in which it felt dim and hazy. I am surprised at the a...

June 30, 2020

Source: Flickr, Andy Warhol - Mao (1972)

It’s the 1970s, Warhol is scouting for the next big thing; Campbell soup cans and peel away banana album covers weren't enough to applaud mass production. Capitalism grew, it changed, it began eating at anything and everythi...

The pandemic’s disruption of our daily lives can leave a certain deficit in inspiration and motivation to ‘keep creative’. As per modern myth, creatives can ‘lose’ their creative flair in extended periods of inactivity or develop a creative block. By effect, Quarantine...

June 15, 2020

Virtual 3D exhibition - PAPIER 2020

Artists featured:

Trevor Baird

Simone Blain

Angela Heisch

Oda Iselin Sønderland

Laurence Veri

3D Design: Katerine Dennie-Marcoux

 Image courtesy of Project Pangée

The viewer of L’île Déserte finds themselves facing a navigable digital beach....

May 30, 2020

With lockdown easing for most of us across the UK, the status of galleries is understandably still uncertain. Being in lockdown at home, I for one have missed the art that is usually at my fingertips, finishing a seminar on a Thursday and popping down the road to the N...

May 30, 2020

Image: property of

With most of us probably still remaining at home for the time being, checking out the OnlineGallery could definitely go on your rainy Saturday afternoon activities list. Fairly easy to navigate as a platform and home to an impressive...

May 22, 2020

Talking about materiality, pigments, and organic practice with London and Kent based artist Polly Bennett.

M: Maybe the best way to start this is to ask what you’re working on right now?

P: Sure, I’m currently working on a couple of projects, before lockdown I was going...

This piece originally appeared in the Strand Magazine's April 2020 "The Female Empowerment" Issue

A recent exhibition at the Tate Modern highlights the work of the anonymous group ‘Guerrilla Girls’. Through donning gorilla masks, this group of artists post blazing...

March 18, 2020

Masculinities: Liberation through Photography is a staggering exhibition, the kind you need to see twice due to its sheer scale. On display are over 300 images that create a remarkable catalogue of the male condition, past and present. The show opens with John Coplan’s...

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